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What’s In My Bag: Elizabeth Street Mom Cayli Cavaco Reck

Feb 28, 2013
Cayli Reck in my bag

Cayli Cavaco Reck. Click the arrow to see what's in her bag! [Photograph: ©elkstudios]

Cayli Reck in my bag

Everything. [Photograph: ©elkstudios]

Cayli Reck in my bag

Marni sunglasses

"I have had these for almost a decade and I love them. They are a little zany, but not insane, so they always work. If I’m not wearing these, I wear aviators."

Cayli Reck in my bag

A safety pin

"Stephen Sprouse had a sign up in his studio when I was young that read: 'A safety pin is a small thing, until you need one.’"

Cayli Reck in my bag

Elizabeth Cole earrings

"In case I need to give my look a lift.”

Cayli Reck in my bag

Prada butterfly key chain

"My dad brought this back from Milan when I was in college. It’s big, so I can find it easily, and I can clip it to my pants if I am running to the playground with my children."

What’s In My Bag: Elizabeth Street Mom Cayli Cavaco Reck

Whatever you do, don’t call it a “Mom bag.”

Cayli Cavaco Reck was born stylish—and wouldn’t be caught dead with fashion accessories that a scream this purse is for a mom. The mom of two, whose parents worked for Vogue and later founded fashion PR company KCD, has worked as an accessories editor and contributor at countless fashion magazines, set stylist, and interior designer. More recently, she’s the creator of Style Sovereign, a website that covers everything fashion. The mom of Reed and Luke let Elizabeth Street have a peek at the contents of her purse. Flip through the slideshow to see what’s in this cool mom’s purse.

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