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Master These 6 Vintage Hairstyles At Home

Jan 11, 2014

Master These 6 Vintage Hairstyles At Home

Rita Hayworth's lustrous auburn locks were not simply a matter of good genes. According to Glamour, she was one of many women of her era who followed a time-consuming hair routine. They washed their hair in hot water before coating it with oil and sitting with their heads wrapped in a towel for approximately fifteen minutes and letting the rich liquid do its magic before rinsing again with hot water, a cleanser and lemon juice. Although this process may sound like a tedious time zap (how many of us have extra time in the morning before getting the kids out the door to school, after all?), it might be worth trying on the day of a special occasion event or before a big night out, such as Valentine's Day. We're happy to report that vintage hairstyles are not just a thing of the past.

If you're not much for the wavy locks of Veronica Lake or the pin curls of Ava Gardner but your tresses are of decent length, then the bedhead aesthetic might be right for you. Most women can pull off the sexy but soft look of Brigitte Bardot, who effortlessly managed to look super hot and ultra classy at the same time. In a piece for The Huffington Post, celebrity hairstylist Patrick Melville promises that this particular vintage hairstyle will most definitely draw attention from members of the opposite sex.  

Women with pixie cuts can aim for Twiggy's sleek look. Pair the short and shiny bob with a few coats of the blackest mascara you can find, and you'll be well on your way to replicating the 1960s mod style.

Because we know that simply looking at photos of vintage hairstyles won't lead to a magically transformed 'do, we've included informative YouTube videos within each of the slides of our favorite former celebrities' stunning styles. The best part? With a little patience and perhaps some rollers, you can get the look from the comfort of your own home...after a few practice tries.

Click through the slideshow above for six iconic hairdos that are wearable right now.

By Stacey Gawronski

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