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Super Short Haircuts Are For Every Woman

Dec 19, 2013

Super Short Haircuts Are For Every Woman

While plenty of American women have traded in their long tresses for super short haircuts, the style is far more common in Europe. Stateside, celebrities like Rihanna, BeyoncéAnne Hathaway, and Michelle Williams have made bold statements with their hair, going short and looking as gorgeous as ever.

Recently, I spoke with Rene Fris, one of the stars of Shear Genius and the mastermind behind Salon SCK, about the dos and don’ts of super short cuts and styles. His argument was convincing; I emerged from our conversation almost ready to take the plunge myself.

But first, I'd have to be armed with some essential knowledge and information on exactly what is involved in going short. For starters, I asked Fris if he thought it was a good idea to go short in stages or if perhaps cutting it all off (or most of it, anyway) was the best way to make the transition. Fris isn’t a fan of the process. It should be like ripping off a band-aid. With a notable amount of enthusiasm, Fris said “everybody can go short if it’s cut the right way to suit the face.”

While he recommends having an idea of the look you want and bringing pictures in to show your stylist (who, by the way, should be well-versed in short cuts), many of the details of the style you end up with depend on the shape of your face. If you have a long forehead, you'll probably want a short cut that includes bangs. And if, for example, you have a narrow face, leaving some length on the sides is probably your best bet.

Avoiding a hairstyle that is too boyish or masculine is key, and this is something you'll want to work with your stylist on. Buzz cuts are obviously a big no-no as are very severe cuts, which have the potential of adding years to your look. Super short cuts can still have layers, creating soft, face-framing lines.

Singing the merits of super short hairstyles, Fris notes the low-maintenance factor of going short. Hair can be air-dried and is generally easier to work with even if the new 'do does require a bit of styling with products in the morning.

By the end of our conversation, Fris had me believing that every woman should cut her hair short at least once. After all, it’ll grow back.

For a peek at more pixie hairdos, click through the slideshow above of our favorite celebs who have chopped it all off.

By Stacey Gawronski

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