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Master The Newest Hair Trends Without Any Muss or Fuss

Oct 17, 2013

Master The Newest Hair Trends Without Any Muss or Fuss

Fashion is nothing if not circuitous. One school of thought holds that trends cycle every twenty years. The fact that the 1990s are apparently back (have you noticed the abundance of waist-slung plaids, grunge-inspired boots, cropped tops and short-alls?) would suggest that there’s some truth to this theory. When it comes to the newest hair trends, however, it doesn’t seem as if the two-decade mark applies. Year after year messy low ponytails, barely-there waves, deconstructed buns, and braids of all forms resurface on the runways, alongside over-the-top voluminous ‘dos (our thoughts turn immediately to Thom Browne’s insane-asylum-chic coiffures). However, when it comes to hairstyles, it’s the slight variations that make all the difference. 

There have been, of course, some more obvious changes when it comes to tailoring tresses. Ombré tips are out, and have been replaced by dye jobs that start a couple of inches below the roots (take, for example, the newly blonde Kim Kardashian). Braids are getting ever more complicated and glorious (fishtail, inverted French, crowned plaits). This year’s most reactionary trend? Nothing at all. Well, not quite nothing. Undone hair is all the rage for fall 2013. Whether your tresses are stick straight, slightly textured, loose waves, or slightly slicked back, consider yourself en vogue. This is great news for all of us who have barely bothered with our hair for years now (actually, it's meaningless news, because we obviously didn’t pay any mind to passing crazes to begin with). However, if you’re tired of just parting, brushing, and hitting the road, here are some of the latest simple, yet elegant ways to update your look. And don’t worry, you don’t need a Bumble+Bumble specialist on hand to master these ‘dos.

Airy Texture

Plaited Crowns

Low Ponytails


Deep Part

The Wet Look


Okay, you may not need a professional stylist around, but seeing their interpretations of these trends sure couldn't hurt your creative process. To check out these looks in their full runway glory, click through the slideshow above.

By Cordelia Tai

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