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Tracy Anderson's Diaper Bag Might Surprise You

Sep 05, 2013

Tracy Anderson's Diaper Bag Might Surprise You

Fitness trainer Tracy Anderson and her “Metamorphosis" technique have been sculpting women’s bodies one glute at a time. Some of our favorite celebrity moms—Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez—have called upon Anderson to whip their behinds into shape after their pregnancies.

And now you too can have a body that is red-carpet worthy with Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy 2 workout series. After the birth of her one-year-old daughter Penelope, Anderson designed a regime that will gradually strengthen your core and have you looking just as you did pre-baby bump...if not better. 

But before you purchase this fabulous DVD, make sure to check out some of Anderson’s mommy must-haves below and in the slideshow above. 

Jeans: Sold Denim.
T-shirt brand: Good hYOUman.
Winter coat/outwear: Burberry Long Wool Coat, Bogner Ski and Joanna Hadfield Leather Jacket.
Cold weather accessory: Mou boots, hands down!
Jewelry: Bianca Pratt and an “I heart Mommy” bracelet my son bought me in 1st grade.
Non-diaper bag: My Chanel tote that Gwyneth gave me as a gift.
Beauty product: Babour's beauty products.
Hair (salon & stylist): In Los Angeles, Jamie Boone at the Argyle and in New York, Matt Fugate at Sally Hershberger.
Kid’s shoes: Loving the baby TOMS.
Kid’s clothing brand: Paige Lauren, Bonpoint, and FITH.
Sneakers: Nike.
Novel: Women Who Run With the Wolves.
Children’s book: Fire Man Small.
Music to listen to with the kids: Bruno Mars.
Place to brunch with the kids: Sant Ambrose in Southampton.
Place to vacation with the family: We’ve been really lucky to go to a lot of places and explore. The Maldives, Costa Rica and Bora Bora are all amazing.
Family-friendly restaurant: Tutto Il Giorno in Sag Harbor.
App for the kids: Netflix.
Favorite food to make with the kids: Oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies and brownies.
Place to get kids birthday party cake: Tates in Southampton.
Candle: Ila.
Stationery: Conner.
Stroller: Bugaboo.
Organizational tool: My iPad.
Healthy snack to share with the kids: Making smoothies in the Vitamix.
Diaper bag: I use my Chanel bag as my purse and diaper bag. I’m always prepared!
Luggage: Rimowa.
Parenting book: Mayim Bialik’s Beyond The Sling.
Best Mother’s Day gift: My silver bracelet from my son Sam.

Want more Tracy? Check out the fitness guru's video below!

By Gaia Guidi Filippi

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