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Mom Beauty: Rahua

Jan 02, 2013

Mom Beauty: Rahua

Like most people, I have my tried-and-true hair products that I turn to on a daily basis. Many of these products contain ingredients with unpronounceable names that are far from natural. During my first pregnancy, I tried as hard as I could to eliminate as many toxic ingredients from my beauty routine as possible. But I always found hair products to be the most difficult culprits to cut out. Now, two kids later, I’m still searching for the healthiest products to use, both on them and myself. I recently discovered Rahua, a new line of hair care made with botanical rahua and ungurahua oils found in the Amazon rainforest. The conditioner in the line is actually a double duty hair cream that styles the hair and fights frizz as it protects and nourishes. I immediately fell for it after one try. It doesn’t leave any flaky, hardness like other styling products do and it left my wavy hair perfectly fluff free and shiny. Thanks to the worry-free formula, I can even share it with my sons, both of whom were blessed with a messy head of hair that would make Justin Bieber jealous. —Melissa Schweiger