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Joanna Vargas’ New All-Natural Skincare Line

Mar 13, 2013
natural skincare, Joanna Vargas, beauty, facial
natural skincare, Joanna Vargas, beauty, facial

Joanna Vargas’ New All-Natural Skincare Line

Finding a place to get a facial in New York is a bit like searching for a restaurant—there are thousands of places to go, but only a few that are really worth going back to. The personalized facials that celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas offers at her eponymous salon and skincare sanctuary are so good that they’ve become an obsession amongst beauty VIPS and big name celebrities (especially during awards season). And now you don’t have to live in Manhattan to experience Vargas’ special brand of all-natural skincare. The green beauty expert just launched her own line of skincare products, made with potent antioxidants and vitamins. Vargas’ skincare line was tested on her A-list clients before being released, including celebrity moms Julianne Moore and Rachel Weisz. The tightly edited collection is a must for moms looking for effective anti-aging skincare free of any toxins. Here, Vargas—a mom of two—talks to Elizabeth Street about the importance of thinking green when it comes to your beauty routine.
—Melissa Schweiger

Elizabeth Street: How has your skin changed since becoming a mom?

Joanna Vargas: Pregnancy and motherhood brought a lot of changes to my body in general. I think many women are shocked (as I was) that things didn't just go back to the way they were. My skin used to be oily and I had only a sprinkle of freckles on my face. With the baby came the worst dry, dehydrated skin I had ever seen! It's been very tricky to maintain any moisture in my skin over the years. I know to a younger woman the end of oil sounds great, but in your 40s, it's a nightmare—dry and dehydrated means you get wrinkles easier and sun damage all that much faster. I have wound up with a lot more pigment on my face than I would like, but I guess that's the trade-off!

ES: How have you dealt with those changes?

JV: I think when you are younger, you are much more likely to skip steps in your routine and think it will all work out anyway. I always cleanse and put my night serum on before bed. I always wear a hat and sunscreen, even walking to work, and I really organize my diet around the seasons and what my body needs.

ES: What are the quickest and most effective things a mom can do to get gorgeous skin on a daily basis?

JV: Think green! A busy mom usually sacrifices herself in some form or another on a daily basis. But one non-negotiable is eating enough veggies with every meal. It will make you glow from the inside, keep your skin hydrated, give you tons of energy, and help your digestive and lymphatic systems work better. If you don't have time to cook, either do a shot of liquid chlorophyll in the morning or do a Dr. Frank Lipman’s Recharge green shake powder mixed with almond milk. You'll see a difference right away! Skin routine-wise, I have a product that fits right into this greens-for-the-skin idea. I made a serum called the Daily Serum, which is a green juice for the skin.

ES: How does your new skincare line play into your philosophy on beauty?

JV: I think beauty should be (and look) effortless. I also think there are some nutritional basics that work for all skin types that everyone needs to look good. This is how I created the line—good nutrition for the skin in a very edited routine. It's also super important to have natural and organic ingredients. My products are everything I think someone needs to have great skin.