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Five Reasons To Use Body Oils

Jun 20, 2013

Five Reasons To Use Body Oils

We just can’t escape the oil trend, which in truth, isn’t really a trend at all. In fact, the use of body oils to remedy and treat ailments dates back to 4500 BC. So as far as healthy skin tips go, using oils on the skin is a basic tenet to live by. 

My skincare regimen of the moment is filled with the best essential oils for the face, but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the amazing properties of using oils on the body as well. There are a slew of new body oils that do everything from tighten and tone the skin to calm and treat inflammation. As moms, we have to make healthy choices as to what we put on our skin, and body oils can help soothe and relax us without adding more chemicals to our daily intake. Here, are five more reasons you should reconsider adding some of the best essential oils to your daily regimen. 

1. The best body oils are filled with ingredients that you can actually pronounce. Because oils do not contain water, there are no preservatives needed in the formula. We love the Love Your Body Oil from Black Chicken Remedies, which contains recognizable and totally pronounceable ingredients like avocado oil, carrot essential oil and nutmeg essential oil. 

2. Body oils smell amazing! And that scent actually stays on your skin, precluding the need for headache-inducing perfumes. The clean and green scent of the Forest Body Oil from Osmia Organics has hints of pine and rosemary, but mostly just smells invigorating and earthy (in a really good way). 

3. They leave you glowing and glistening—and not in a gross, greasy way. Essential oils naturally leave the skin supple and soft, thanks to their nourishing nature. Try Mama Mio’s OMega Body Oil, rich in argan and sweet almond oil, to give your skin a luminous pick me up. 

4. They are the perfect reward after a long day—taking a nice warm bath after the kids go to sleep is about as good as it gets. Try dousing yourself in a luxurious body oil, like the lemongrass and lavender body oil from Tres Pure, and you’ll forget about the pre-bedtime meltdowns. Make sure to rub the body oil in when your skin is still damp for maximum hydration. 

5. They can actually be mood lifters. Orange essential oil has been shown to put people in a better mood. Maybe because it reminds us of warm, happy places with lots of sunshine? We suggest mixing a few drops of orange essential oil from Aura Cacia whenever you feel stressed out.  

By Melissa Schweiger (@followmelis)

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