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The Best Beauty Tips for Women

May 17, 2013
The Best Beauty Tips for Women
The Best Beauty Tips for Women

MAC In Extreme Dimension, $20

The Best Beauty Tips for Women

MAC BB Beauty Balm, $30

The Best Beauty Tips for Women

MAC Pro Performance Sponge, $18

The Best Beauty Tips for Women

Yes, beauty is relative depending on your skin complexion and the structure of your face. And there are no set rules. There are, however, tricks of the trade that can help you on those occasions when you just want to radiate that extra glow. And who better to give great advice then MAC senior artist Gina Bettelli? A mom herself, Bettelli has an arsenal of beauty tips and secrets for busy women who don’t want to sacrifice their skin for their schedule. Here, she talks about her career, her daughter, and how to apply the best beauty products for summer.

By Barry Samaha (@barry_samaha)

Elizabeth Street: How did you become a beauty stylist?          
Gina Bettelli: I was always interested in makeup as a child—my nana encouraged me to play in her makeup from a very early age. I continued to apply makeup on my friends and never really stopped. MAC then propelled my career as a makeup artist backstage, on the red carpet, and in classrooms. I feel so fortunate to do something I love.

ES: What are your favorite beauty products?
GB: MAC’s In Extreme Dimension mascara has the smartest wand! It combs through lashes to define each lash and manages to build up volume in one coat. The MAC Pro Performance sponge, meanwhile, has actually changed my life. The dense sponge creates beautiful, even coverage and blends blush into foundation and bronzer with very little effort. Lastly, MAC Pearl Cream color base magically highlights cheekbones, lips, eyes, and anything else. It’s waterproof, and it’s easily applied with fingertips. It’s genius!

ES: Being a mom does not allow much time to get ready in the morning. What is your typical five-minute morning makeup routine?
GB: Well, as a makeup artist, I indulge in 10 minutes for makeup. I use MAC BB beauty balm compact as my foundation, sunscreen, primer, and brightener in one. MAC Dainty mineralized blush is the perfect peachy pink for fair complexion, and so it’s an everyday staple on my apples. I then curl my lashes and use MAC In Extreme Dimension mascara—this combo really opens up the eyes and provides the illusion of looking awake. Lastly, I have to fill in my over-tweezed (from the 90s) brows. I use MAC Fling eyebrows pencil and MAC eye shadow in Concrete to get the perfect dirty blonde color.

ES: How has your beauty regimen changed since having a child?
GB: I have found that I embrace the “one-and-done” products (only one application needed to look amazing)! Before baby, I used to play, mix, and build new concoctions to update my look. Now, I generally wear a neutral look using products that are effortless, and that provide maximum impact with minimal application. I still love to change up my look and wear fun, vibrant colors over a neutral palette—it makes it easy to accessorize in a snap. Typically the makeup routine happens while my girl is napping, and I use a long-wearing formula that won’t budge. I’d rather take the time to create a perfect application than need to touch-up throughout the day.

ES: Do you have any beauty rituals that allow you to relax and unwind after a hectic day?
GB: I must remove my makeup after a full day. I use MAC Cleanse-Off oil directly on my face and massage off every stitch of makeup. After rinsing, I use MAC Lavender Care blend oil to plump up my skin, and then layer on a rich creamy moisturizer to recharge my dry skin.

ES: What beauty routine would you recommend for the summer weather?
GB: Refrigerate your skin care. The coolness of cleansers, moisturizers, and eye cream is so refreshing. And I can’t say enough good things about MAC BB beauty balm compact—it does it all at warp speed.

ES: Favorite every day lip product?
GB: MAC Pro Longwear lip pencils—they don’t move. Kiss Me Quick is a great brick red. I use them as lipstick.

ES: Favorite date night lip color?
GB: MAC Ruby Woo. It is a perfect bright matte red that sends all the right messages to your date.

ES: What were your skincare products during pregnancy?
GB: I went through a few tubes of MAC Strobe Cream while pregnant.  It has a pink glow that makes your skin look illuminated. I used it all over my face, neck, and arms to welcome the “you’re glowing” compliments!

ES: When would you allow your daughters to start wearing makeup? 
GB: Immediately! I grew up with total makeup freedom. Makeup should be fun. I’m looking forward to cat whiskers, butterfly cheeks, and painted mustaches!  Most of all, I’m looking forward to teaching my daughter how to apply makeup beautifully.

ES: Who are your mom beauty icons?
GB: Kate Moss, Beyonce, and Madonna

ES: Best beauty tips and secrets for other moms? 
GB: Set an example for your kids by feeling good and taking care of yourself. Indulge in being pampered every once in a while (a pedicure can rejuvenate the soul).

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