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Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Jun 21, 2013
Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Baby Gap
Baby Gap’s online site offers a lot more gender neutral items than you normally see in the stores (you have to ignore the merchandising—I often buy my daughter boys' clothes here.)

Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Tea Collection
The worldly designs and ultra-soft fabrics make Tea a fashionista mom favorite. The color palettes are always rich and vibrant, but never juvenile.

Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Olive Juice
Simple mariner stripes and buttery combed cotton make for the best kids tees around. Olive Juice's knits are also so beautiful, and easily pass down from older sister to little brother with their earthy color palettes.

Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

American Apparel
Hands-down the best striped leggings, cardigans, and onesies.

Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Loads of bright colors abound here, but they’re always tasteful and work for both boys and girls.

Five Sources for Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

It all started with a pair of pants that had ruffles on the bum. Why, I asked my husband, did it seem ok to dress a 7-month-old in pants that drew attention to her rear? Is she a dancer on a float in Rio? I was perplexed.

Since we had decided not to learn the sex of our baby while I was pregnant (life offers so few true surprises, no?), her wardrobe for the first six months was stocked full of gender-neutral basics. Gray footies, yellow tees and leggings, and tons and tons of stripes. So sweet, so…simple. I liked the idea of not imposing society’s ideas about girls and boys and pink and blue on my unassuming infant. Why did she need to conform so early? There would be plenty of time for high heels, butterflies, and Spanx later on.

In the meantime, I shop for her at places where I can find the sort of simple pieces found on darling babies in Parisian parks and Danish cafés: Gorgeous colors and comfortable silhouettes, with nary a glittery heart in sight. Here, my top five picks for shopping for wee ones without falling into that old pink-or-blue trap.

By Biba Milioto (@joiedebeeb)

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