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Best Oils for the Skin

May 14, 2013

Best Oils for the Skin

When we were in our teens and twenties, we were taught that any skincare product with the phrase “oil-free” was the way to go. After all, oil in our skincare would only make our skin oilier, right?

Wrong. Facial oils are a great way to give skin the care it deserves, and they're only getting more and more sophisticated. Some of the best oils for the skin will actually help treat everything from wrinkles and redness to sun damage. And because facial oils mimic the skin’s own natural oils, they get absorbed into the complexion better than many traditional moisturizers.

If an anti-aging routine is what you’re most in need of, the best route is to use a face oil that contains antioxidants such as argan oil, vitamin C or marula oils. Try Colbert MD Illumino Face Oil, which has retinol, vitamin C and argan, passion fruit and marula oils. We also love this Argan Oil from model and mom Josie Maran’s eco-luxe skincare line. Meanwhile, the new anti-aging face oil, Daily Elements Defense Oil from La Bella Figura, protects the skin from UV damage with the high-potent vitamins and antioxidants found in guava seeds, rosehip, pomegranate, and Peruvian sacha inchi oils.

The best way to apply one of these antioxidant-rich facial oils is in the morning, right after cleansing the skin and before you apply your daily SPF. Think of it as insurance for your sun protection.

By Melissa Schweiger (@followmelis)

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