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Elizabeth Street Meets Jennifer Meyer Maguire

May 30, 2012

Elizabeth Street Meets Jennifer Meyer Maguire

A true California girl, jewelry designer and mother-of-two  Jennifer Meyer Maguire (who's also wife to actor Tobey Maguire) talks to us about her favorite necklaces, her daughter Ruby’s love of color, and what constitutes the perfect day. —Melissa Schweiger 

How did your love for jewelry begin?
I first made jewelry with my grandma Edith when I was little, and I've loved it ever since. My grandma put all her love and creativity into everything she did—I try to channel that as much as I can. 

What was the first piece you created for your line?
I first created my leaf, which symbolizes turning over a new leaf. By starting my company, I was doing just that and I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the collection. 

Which pieces from your line are staples in your personal jewelry collection?
All of them! I try to design things that I want to put on and never take off. Right now I love wearing my custom-cut lapis heart necklace, which I layer with my diamond stick necklace—the combination is classic with a bit of fun color. I rarely take off my initial necklaces—an R and an O for my children, Ruby and Otis.

What advice would you give a mom looking to cultivate a jewelry collection?
I always opt for something that is a little fun but still very classic. Jewelry also needs to be wearable and work with a mom's very busy lifestyle. The pieces I end up wearing are able to transition from day to night to being in the tub and still look great. 

How does being a mom inspire your work?
My daughter Ruby has been inspiring my work a lot as of late. She has amazing taste and her bold color choices have pushed me as a designer to step outside of my comfort zone and explore interesting combinations.  

Any tips for balancing work and motherhood?
I just have to prioritize. Family always comes first. I plan my week ahead the Friday before—I look at my kids’ school schedule, various class schedules, what's going on with my husband, what meetings I have, and when I will design. When I see it all on paper I'm better able to ensure that everyone is taken care of. This allows me to give my babies ample amount of mommy time and still be able to focus on my company. 

What’s been your favorite Mother’s Day present?
I have many handmade mugs that Ruby and Otis have either put their photos on or painted. Ruby made me a beautiful charm necklace last year that I love and wear all the time, and Otis drew me the cutest scribbled blue and yellow picture that I framed. Anything handmade from my kids is the best gift. And when Tobey lets me sleep in, that is up there with the best mother's day presents. 

What does your perfect day with your family entail?
My perfect day is pretty simple. It is all of us just being together. We might take a bike ride, go somewhere fun for lunch and end the day with a game of Candyland. Family time is not overrated!

Best parenting advice you’ve ever received?
Never wake a sleeping baby!