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Elizabeth Street Meets Jennifer Hudson

Nov 11, 2012

Elizabeth Street Meets Jennifer Hudson

Some women just seem to be able to do it all, and Jennifer Hudson is most certainly one of those. Motherhood hasn’t slowed down the Grammy winning singer, Oscar-winning actor, best-selling author, spokeswoman for Weight Watchers, and, most importantly, mom to three-year-old David. With the second offering of her new clothing line, Jennifer Hudson Collection, on QVC today, Hudson adds the fashion designer title to her growing list of accomplishments. —Gaia Guidi Filippi

Who did you have in mind when you created the Jennifer Hudson collection?
My friends, family, and fans. I wanted women of all sizes and with different budgets to be able to have some key pieces for their wardrobe, pieces that would help them feel fabulous and confident just like I do when I step out.

What are some of your favorite pieces from the collection?
I love them all but in the newest collection I added a legging with a tuxedo stripe that makes them an ideal dress-up or dress-down piece, and we have a faux leather jacket that’s a great price and adds an edge to any look.

Did you keep the modern mom in mind when designing the line?
Of course, we moms need clothing options that move well since we are constantly on the go with our children, but we also need to feel confident and look good. I had that in mind when designing most of the line. The clothes have to function for mommy mode and work or social mode simultaneously.  

Has motherhood changed your style at all?
I think being a mother has made me feel even more empowered as a person. I am sure that confidence has affected every aspect of my life, including my style and the kinds of looks I feel best in. 

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?
To take things one day at a time. Nobody can prepare you for the changes that motherhood brings to your life, but the process of watching David Jr. grow has been both inspiring and amazing.

You are certainly a busy mom! How do you enjoy a typical day off with your son?
I am in constant awe of my son. He's so incredibly curious and definitely keeps me on my toes. A perfect day most likely entails just relaxing at home together. I'm always on the road so down time at home as a family feels like a vacation to us!

What music have you been listening to lately and what have you been singing to your son?
I’m listening to Miguel, Brandy, Frank Ocean, and Taylor Swift lately. I’ve also been listening to all my songs from “Smash,” which you’ll be able to hear when the show premieres in February. When I’m giving David a bath, we listen to songs from his favorite TV shows and movies. We call that his “good stuff.”  His favorites at the moment are “You Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story, and “Just Can’t Wait to be King” and “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King. Bath time is a party time!

What’s great about raising a child in your hometown of Chicago? 
Chicago will always be home to me. There's an incredible sense of community in Chicago and I have such a huge network of family and friends there—I can't imagine living anywhere else in the world!