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Apr 22, 2013
The Best Maternity Shoes

Simone Harouche’s Pick: K. Jacques sandals.
This St. Tropezienne brand has made casual and elegant leather sandals since 1933. No one does leather sandals better, and their excellent quality makes them fit for walking.

Melissa Magsaysay’s Pick: Newbark loafers
“Loafer” doesn’t quite describe the sleek look of these flats—but the word does describe how comfortable these are.

The Best Maternity Shoes

Jen Menchaca’s Pick: Mephistos
“They’re form-fitting sandals with cork soles that come in great colors!”

The Best Maternity Shoes

Katherine Kallinis Berman’s Pick: Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots
“Comfort is key during pregnancy, but you also want to look chic and put together…these have elastic material on the back half of the calf, so they're super comfortable and they will stretch if your feet or legs get swollen.”

The Best Maternity Shoes

Vanessa Bozzacchi’s Pick: Sky Hi Nike Dunk sneakers and Golden Goose motorcycle boots.
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look “maternal” (whatever that means): get some platform kids or edgy motorcycle boots and defy expectations.

The Best Maternity Shoes

Cecilia de Sola’s Pick: Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flats
Flats are a pregnancy staple. These are just too cute.

The Best Maternity Shoes

Olivia Ferragamo’s Pick: Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats
One of the most classic flats around. They’re just as stylish as heels, and super versatile.

The Best Maternity Shoes

Some might not believe this before they get knocked up, but it’s actually true: your feet grow when you’re pregnant—about half or more on average. Oh boy! Sometimes these changes are permanent too, so your pregnancy shoes might turn into your mom shoes once you’ve delivered. This means that when you’re expecting, it’s necessary to treat your toes right with a go-to pair of shoes you can rely on to be comfy. But that doesn’t mean all moms should wear podiatric shoes all nine months. And why should they? There are so many chic but comfortable options on the market, so why look frumpy? We asked our moms about the maternity shoes they relied on during their pregnancy, and they gave us a great list of the best shoes for pregnant women. The interesting part? They all recommended totally different types of shoes. Click through the slideshow to find the best flat sandal, the best platform, the best boots, and the best flats. They’re all pregnant-mom approved, so you can trust they’ll get the job done—and that they’ll continue to be wardrobe staples once your pregnancy is over

Click through the slideshow to see what they wore!

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