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Accessories Inspired By Our Favorite Storybook Villains

May 28, 2014

Accessories Inspired By Our Favorite Storybook Villains

When we read our favorite fairytales or watch them onscreen, we tend to be enamored by the grace and overall goodness of the heroes and heroines. We root for Cinderella when the slipper fits; for Sleeping Beauty to get that magical kiss; for Alice to find her way home from Wonderland. The feats of fancy achieved by these characters allow us to believe in happily-ever-afters (if only momentarily), to believe that we too can achieve that state of bliss where problems are solved by some force of magic.

As of late, the focus has shifted from the princesses and princes and their cookie-cutter storylines to the villains and the story behind their spiral into evil. There have been a slew of live-action retellings of some of favorite narratives where the dastardly deeds of many antagonists are given a point of origin. Gregory Maquire’s Wicked, ABC’s Once Upon A Time and films like Snow White and The Huntsman and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland are just the beginning. And starting tomorrow, we will be treated to Maleficent, the Angelina Jolie-starring vehicle about the evil-sorceress-turned-scary-dragon.   

In celebration of the film’s premiere, we have rounded up our favorite accessories that embody the iconography of some of our favorite antiheroes.

By Barry Samaha

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