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10 Celebrity-Inspired DIY Wedding Hairstyles for the Big Day

Jan 07, 2014

10 Celebrity-Inspired DIY Wedding Hairstyles for the Big Day

Kate Middleton’s fresh-faced, demure wedding makeup caused quite the stir. Not because Catherine’s understated, yet elegant look was at all out of character, but owing to the fact that the royal-to-be wielded her own mascara brush. Even with her sister’s perfectly rounded rear drawing admiring stares in its silk sheath, the bride’s choice to DIY (along with her breathtaking gown and a few other minor factors) kept the Duchess firmly in the spotlight for weeks after the bouquet landed. 

On your special day, it's essential that everything go as smoothly as possible. The risk of hiring a professional stylist and ending up with eighth-grade prom hair is a gamble you may not want to take. As the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself (and with the money saved on primping the whole bridal party, beef up your honeymoon plans). Plus, you’ll have a renewed sense of accomplishment (and a great talking point) every time you break out the wedding album for years to come.

Admittedly, DIY wedding hairstyles are a bit harder to pull off than self-applied makeup. We may not have eyes in the back of our head, but with a little coordination and a three-paneled mirror, that obstacle can be overruled.

When it comes to nuptial ‘dos, nothing is out of the question. It’s the one day—besides Halloween—when you can weave baby’s breath through your hair or even don a tiara and not be judged. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fairy tale looks, from braids to chignons and all other forms of up-do. Click through the slideshow above for a selection of step-by-step videos that’ll walk you through 10 celebrity-inspired DIY wedding hairstyles. Getting down the aisle is up to you.

By Cordelia Tai

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