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Do Women Prefer Using Men's Razors?

Jul 12, 2013

Do Women Prefer Using Men's Razors?

According to a poll done by ladies' razor brand Venus, 30% of women are using razors that were made for men. The results made us curiouswhy do some women prefer using men's razors? 

When we posed the question on our Facebook page, along with this cute quote from actress Mindy Kaling, our readers jumped to the comments.

"I use men's razors all the time. They stay sharper longer and don't kill your skin," said commenter Haleigh Nicole Oliemuller.

Reader Sarah Raye Raza followed up: "I always use men's razors because they give a smoother, closer shave than women's razors."

But how are the razors different (besides the obvious gender-specific color choices)? Reader's Digest did some investigating, and found the most discernable difference between the gendered products is the shave angle. 

Facial hair is typically thicker than underarm or leg hair, so men's razors need a sharper angle on the blade for more "aggressive exposure." Plus, women's razors are designed to be used in the shower, with hand grips and moisture strips for an easier glide.

Another feature that impacts the closeness of your shave is the shape of the razor's cartridge. Women's styles often have an oval-shaped head to ease around the curve of your leg and prevent nicks to the backs of your knees and ankles. 

Do you think those features make a difference or are you still stealing your hubby's razor? Let us know in the comments.  

By Caroline Hallemann


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