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Women Spend How Much More Time On Their Beauty Regime Than Men?

Jul 03, 2013

Women Spend How Much More Time On Their Beauty Regime Than Men?

According to a recent collaborative study by Allure and GQ, women spend a mere seven minutes more on their grooming and beauty regimens than men--and the time gap is ever-shrinking. Turns out men are just as concerned with looking great as we are, and, believe it or not, there’s a lot we can learn from the boys. From the art of shaving to achieving the perfect casual coiffure, we've rounded up the best beauty and grooming secrets--and products—that you should steal from the guys.

1. The Art of Shaving: When it comes to shaving—which, thankfully, we ladies don’t have to deal with on a daily basis--we can definitely stand to take some male advice. Dermatologist David Bank reveals, “A surprising fact for women who are prone to painful ingrown hairs is that using a men’s shaving cream may just be the solution to their problem.” Men’s shaving creams, as they are designed for sensitive facial skin, contain antiseptics, soothing agents and moisturizers, which ward off ingrown hairs. And don’t forget the aftershave! Splash a little on freshly shaved areas to soothe irritated skin and avoid those unpleasant little bumps. 

2. Natural Brows: Keeping your eyebrows shapely and arched can make your eye color pop and highlight the contours of your face—but don’t overdo it. Take a page out of the guys’ book and only pluck where absolutely necessary. Eyebrow expert Joey Healy cautions that excessive plucking or applying aggressive skincare treatments can cause eyebrows to fall out and not regenerate. Besides, thick, natural brows are very in right now.

3. Skip the Foundation: Wearing too much foundation, concealer, and other types of makeup on a daily basis clogs pores, makes skin oily and is generally bad for your complexion. Save those extra seven minutes each morning by doing as the boys do: go natural. Instead, try a tinted moisturizer. Face moisturizers with a touch of tan are great substitutes for foundation—not to mention time savers. Nourish your skin while evening out your skin tone and skip the hassle of setting, blotting, and blending.

4. Don’t Overdo that ‘Do: According to Paradi Mirmirani, MD., a staff dermatologist at the Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo, California, over-styling in the morning may actually do our locks more harm than good. Ponytails and braids, especially tight ones, can cause hair to break, according to Mirmirani. Flat ironing and blow-drying hair in preparation for complicated, polished updos causes “temporary changes to the hydrogen bonds that hold hair together,” making hair look dull and, over time, leading to permanent damage. So should we skip the drying process? No. Hair is even more fragile when wet, and thus more susceptible to damage. Instead, keep it simple. After you wash your hair, while it’s still wet, work a dollop of leave-in conditioner through your tresses. This will provide invisible control and smooth frizz while allowing your hair to maintain its strength.

By Cordelia Tai

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