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How to Maintain a Dewy Glow With Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Oct 31, 2013
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How to Maintain a Dewy Glow With Your Winter Skin Care Routine

If you’ve been on the same beauty routine for years and want to get a major boost, especially during the colder months, try adding a serum to your winter skin care ritual. As the magic potion of the skin world, serums pack so much more punch than even the best moisturizers. That’s because they're loaded with vitamins, ceramides, glycerin, and other nutrients, and they deliver all that goodness by deeply penetrating the skin.

“In the winter months I add a second serum to my routine. Serums penetrate a little deeper than regular moisturizers and are designed to work on these deeper layers whereas moisturizers work most effectively on the outermost layers of the skin,” says Andrea Scott, mom of four and founder of Skoah, a Vancouver-based skin care company. “In addition to my peptide-loaded gold serum, I wait a few minutes and then add a ceramide serum. I love our skin quench serum. The ceramides strengthen the cell walls, which deteriorate with dehydration. I apply my moisturizer with SPF as a last step. My skin literally glows.”
The benefits of serums are aplenty. They hydrate, nourish, brighten, strengthen, and can even prevent acne. This is mainly possible because the concentration of active ingredients found in most serums really exceeds that of other products. Just remember to choose the right one for your skin type. There’s something on the market for everyone, depending on age and skin needs, so you can find that dewy glow even during the wintertime.

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By Gaia Guidi Filippi

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