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Open Your Eyes to Essential Winter Skin Care

Nov 06, 2013
Best Eye Cream

Open Your Eyes to Essential Winter Skin Care

If there's one part of our faces that has it rough, it's the area around our eyes. Simply by blinking 10,000 times a day (on average!), squinting at a computer screen, or even just the regular wear and tear that is a result of laughing, crying and being outside on a sunny day, this delicate area gets a beating. The dark circles and crow’s feet are almost inevitable, which is why it’s especially important to pay attention to this delicate area. 

The thin skin around the eyes is sensitive and more susceptible to aging. Oil-free products that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants make the very best eye creams.

“My eyes beg for extra attention during the cold, dry winter months. I’ve found a best friend in HydroPeptide’s Eye Cream,” says Annette Rubin, beauty author and founder of Belli Skincare. "It deeply hydrates, moisturizes (all without feeling heavy and greasy) and adds beautiful illumination around the eye area. It includes the added bonus of creating the illusion that I’ve actually gotten a full night of beauty rest, which, as we all know as busy moms is a luxury we rarely see!”

In addition to no-brainers like not smoking and drinking plenty of water, there’s more you can do to take care of this delicate area. Remember to wear sunglasses to avoid squinting, and make sure to get that coveted beauty sleep. Though we all love our vino, try to limit your indulgence--it’s awfully dehydrating for the skin. Finally, invest in a great eye cream and dab it on religiously. Since your daily facial moisturizer is not enough for this area that needs a little extra love, we have some great suggestions for you in the slideshow above.

By Gaia Guidi Filippi

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