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How an Unhappy Marriage Can Hurt Children

Feb 26, 2014

How an Unhappy Marriage Can Hurt Children

This article was originally published on Your Tango.

We're often warned about the detrimental effects divorce can have on children: It can make them insecure, worried, or harm their ability to have a successful marriage later on in life. But do you really believe all that? Relationship expert and marriage and relationship coach Nancy Pina is looking at things from flip side. Here're three reasons a divorce may just be the healthiest things...for all of you.

1.Your Relationship Will Be Your Child's "Norm" In Love

This is the most important reason a couple should not stay together if they have reached an understanding that reconciliation is impossible—and have exhausted every avenue to work through their challenges. By staying together under those conditions, modeling emotionally healthy love is impossible. The dysfunctional behavior displayed toward each other will be your children's pattern in love as they become adults. In other words, they will attract and have the highest chemistry with those who remind them of your relationship.

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By Nancy Pina

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