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Traveling While Pregnant? Try Our Simple Tips For a Stress-Free Flight

Oct 17, 2013

Traveling While Pregnant? Try Our Simple Tips For a Stress-Free Flight

Traveling while pregnant can seem pretty daunting…it’s already stressful enough without a growing belly! But plane rides while pregnant can be a perfectly enjoyable experience if you take the right precautions. So before you book your babymoon, FitBump’s fitness expert Joanna Castro has some great tips and easy stretches to ensure you have a more enjoyable flight.

Basic Tips:
-Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes. Also, consider wearing compression socks if you're prone to swelling of your feet, ankles and calves.
-Communicate with the flight staff and tell them you are pregnant (if you are not yet showing or even if you are, people do not like to assume these days) and would like to be seated in an aisle seat.
-Drink plenty of water during your flight. Flying causes dehydration so make sure you drink up!
-Walk around for about two to four minutes every hour to keep your blood circulating.

Once you've completed your strut up and down the aisle, hold on to the head of your seat and perform these simple stretches right in the aisle of the plane. It's not as awkward as it sounds!

Calf stretch:
-While holding on to the head of your seat place your feet in a staggered stance, one foot in front of the other, hip or shoulder width apart.
-Lift your toes of your forward leg off the ground and lean forward. Your front leg is fully extended with your toes pointed toward you.
-Hold this stretch for 30 seconds and breathe into it. Breathing into your stretches allows for your body and muscles to relax deeper.
-Switch legs, and repeat two times.

Quad stretch:
-While holding on to the head of your seat with one hand, rest your free hand comfortable on your hip.
-Bend one knee and reach the heel of the bent leg toward your butt.
-Alternate legs.
-Make sure you're breathing the entire time you're doing these butt kicks, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly watching your belly expand and come down to its natural pregnant state. 

Shoulder rolls:
-Standing or sitting, roll your shoulders in both directions.
-Repeat 10 times backward and 10 times forwards.

At the end of your stretches and when you are back in your seat, close your eyes and breath in deeply. Slowly exhale out through your nose, counting to eight. Repeat five times and you'll instantly feel more relaxed.

Have a safe and happy trip!

By FitBump’s Joanna Castro

Joanna Castro, NCSF, believes that training is a fun and effective way to stay healthy. She encourages her clients at Body Space Fitness in New York City to prioritize their health and their happiness every day. Joanna, certified as a personal trainer through National Council on Strength and Fitness, specializes in total body integration, and holds certifications in Kettlebell Athletics (Level 1), and Pre and Post Natal. 

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