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Tracy Anderson’s Tip for Prioritizing Your Kids’ Fitness

Sep 24, 2013

Tracy Anderson’s Tip for Prioritizing Your Kids’ Fitness

It’s a wonder how any kid is supposed to get any exercise on a regular basis these days, considering the world of touch-screens they are growing up in. Playing games outdoors with friends all day seems like a thing only their parents and grandparents used to do. And while we spend hours at the gym making sure we’re burning enough calories and keeping ourselves healthy, your kids’ fitness is just as important, even though they don’t have batwings and saddlebags quite yet!

For fitness guru and trainer to stars, Tracy Anderson (known for curing Gwyneth Paltrow’s “long butt”), having a couch potato for a child is not an option. It’s no surprise that she doesn’t have to spend her time ungluing him from the TV or computer. “I'm lucky.  My son is and has always been a super active young boy, taking up sports pretty much year round,” she tells us. “His latest activity is paddleboarding.”  

How does Anderson manage to instill a love for fitness in her son? “I just try to encourage and support him in everything he sets his mind to,” says Tracy. “That's the best any parent can do!”

Sounds like great advice to us!

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By Gaia Guidi Filippi

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