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Tracy Anderson's At-Home Workout Using...A Broom?

Aug 22, 2013

Tracy Anderson's At-Home Workout Using...A Broom?

Tracy Anderson is getting close to household-name status. The fitness guru, known for training celebrities like Madonna and Kim Kardashian, and for curing Gwyneth Paltrow of her "long butt" (which we still find hard to believe), has inspired women all over the world to work hard for their abs.

We recently came across a video from the pint-sized trainer that she created for Net-a-Porter's The Edit magazine. In the exercises, which might be the best at-home workout ever, Anderson directs viewers to grab a broom (sans brush) and use the long stick as a tool in a series of abdominal exercises. The workout definitely takes concentration (since you have to keep the pole balanced), which might be just the secret to not thinking about your aching, burning stomach muscles. 

Check out the video above and let us know, will you be trying out Anderson's...erm...interesting at-home workout?

By Christina Anderson

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