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Outdoor Activities with Kids: Picnic Ideas

Apr 12, 2013

Outdoor Activities with Kids: Picnic Ideas

Ah, spring time. The weather has been warming up (thank goodness) and we’ve been thinking about picnic ideas. Summer may be the height of picnicking but we’re a little excited here at Elizabeth Street—and who can blame us? Plus it’s still fun to test the soil with a picnic or two in spring. So what did we do? We shopped around to create the ideal outdoor meal and came up with some great picnic ideas your family will love.

Let’s get going. You’re going to have to sit on something and it’s probably going to be red and white gingham. This one rolls up so it’s super easy to carry and fun for kids to take apart. (They’re into the darndest things.) If you’d rather glam it up this picnic blanket comes in Burberry’s signature plaid.

What to eat, you say? What is the perfect tried and true picnic food? We say, What’s more fit for a picnic than chicken salad? Nothing. You can go bright and classic with this grapes and walnuts picnic recipe, opt for a Waldorf chicken salad, or get spicy with a curried chicken salad. Or you could just buy a tub at the store. We won’t tell. How to quench your thirst? With a tall glass (or Solo Cup) full of pink lemonade. Make it from scratch so your hue won’t look like Kool-Aid. Martha Stewart’s easy recipe calls for a splash of cranberry juice, Ina Garten makes hers with grenadine, and this one involves raspberry syrup. Yum.

As for transporting your delicious lunches let it be known that a plastic bag will certainly not do. A Picnic basket might seem like something you’ll use once before it’s relegated to the backroom. But! What’s more fun than a picnic basket? We think they’re worth installing an upper shelf for. This one boasts an insulated cooler and charming classic looks. And this one holds wine glasses. There’s no insulated cooler—but like we said—it holds wine glasses. Speaking of making your picnic grown up, you might want to get these beer holders. Kids will want to put a soda in theirs—if you let your kids drink soda. Seltzer maybe? Have your little one tote ice in this bucket while wearing Wellington boots. (Admit it, it’s a cute visual.)

Your kids can play picnic games like these classics while you enjoy your beer and wine. Or you can bring along this t-ball set up, a parachute, or a sticky disk catch game. The only thing left to make this picnic absolutely ideal? You’ll need ants. And if the ones in your area aren’t stepping it up you’ll have to bring your own. —Hally Wolhandler

Looking for more picnic inspiration? Make yours a special “mommy and me” play date by sharing big and little foods. Need a to-go container for the occasion that you can feel good about? You can find our favorite eco-friendly and non-toxic options here and here.

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