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Are Teens Smarter Than Adults When It Comes To Sex?

Sep 11, 2013

Are Teens Smarter Than Adults When It Comes To Sex?

These days, the mere mention of teenage sex is enough to throw me into a total tailspin. It’s a little premature, considering that my kids are still preschoolers, but I know what the future holds—I was a teen once, too. 

But once I started thinking about it, it dawned on me that teenagers really are so much smarter than married couples when it comes to sex. No, I’m being serious!

Just consider this…

1. They know how to hide used condoms. Imagine a teen’s mom or dad finding the evidence—that’s a dead giveaway, and no teen would dare leave behind evidence that obvious. However, as adults, I know I'm not the only parent to have been asked, “Mommy, is that a balloon?”

2. They make a point not to get caught in the act. Yuck, gross, ewwww. Someone seeing you have sex when you’re a teen (or ever, really!) is just wrong. But married couples recognize that there’s a 99% chance of getting caught if they do it while the kids are in the house. They also (somewhat stupidly) consider blankets to be an invisible shield. And if the kids catch them in the act, they can always just throw them into therapy when they're a little older, so no harm done. 

3. Thanks to sex education in schools, they’re a little more in tune with the exact days of the month that a woman is the most fertile and when she’s less likely to get pregnant. At 38 years old, I still can’t tell you what goes on in my body. That’s why I had to pee on a stick to find out when I was ovulating. Ask any woman who isn’t actively trying to get pregnant what a basal temperature is. I’ll bet you money she guesses that it has something to do with cooking a Thanksgiving turkey. 

4. They know that their parents don’t believe in accidents, so they always use protection. OK, maybe not always, as proven by MTV, but according to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, condom usage is actually on the rise among teens. Meanwhile, overheard at one too many playdates that I've been to recently: ”Oops! Guess who’s having baby number three?!”

5. They know how to plan sex down to the last detail so they’re not disappointed when it only happens once in a blue moon. Actually, married couples are pretty good about that, too.   

In no way am I promoting teenage sex, but after giving it some serious consideration, we probably don’t give most teens enough credit for being responsible when it comes to intercourse.

Personally, I’m thankful that I have a while before I have to start worrying about this stuff for my own kids. Instead, for now, I’m going to enjoy my own sex life with my husband and focus on not getting pregnant because this baby shop is long as I remember to take my pill everyday.

By Jo Aaron 

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