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Space-Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms That Really Make a Difference

Jan 07, 2014

Space-Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms That Really Make a Difference

I recently moved into a two-bedroom apartment with my family after living in a small one-bedroom for eight years. My two-year-old's crib was nestled neatly into an alcove under a stairway, and we had a huge kitchen that housed a 10-foot dining table. Our bedroom, however, was akin to a sleeping berth on a cruise ship. With literally only enough room to fit our queen bed between the walls, we had to be seriously creative about our space usage.

Wall sconces were the smartest choice for reading lamps. Since there was no room for bedside tables (By far the biggest luxury in the new place is being able to place a glass of water next to the bed. How novel!), we built a small shelf behind our mattress to stash books and tissues and errant pacifiers. We bought an alarm clock with a projector so that the time was always visible on the ceiling, and used tall, nearly floor-to-ceiling corner shelves from Ikea to maximize every inch of storage space. 

Tight living quarters are part and parcel of city living, and thankfully there's a plethora of space-saving ideas for small bedrooms that make your sleeping den livable. Click through the slideshow above for inspiring decor tips for small spaces, courtesy of interior designer and owner of Items of Interest, Susie Kurkowski. 

By Biba Milioto

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