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Pre-Made Meals Are the Answer to Avoiding that Weeknight Scramble

Sep 16, 2013

Pre-Made Meals Are the Answer to Avoiding that Weeknight Scramble

When you’re a working mom with a business and a household to run, plenty of things can slip through the cracks. And while we’re all entitled to throw up our arms and order in pizza when the day has gotten away from us now and then, we could all use some time management tips that will help us get healthy food on the table for our kids on most nights.

“Organization is key to managing my 11-month-old twins, household, and business,” says Heidi Heinau-Hoersman, the Miami-based founder of “My planning goes as far as setting daily menus for the kids, which simplifies my life tremendously. I make all their organic meals at home and just freeze them for the week.”

We love this idea--not only does it save our precious time (and avoids last-minute scrambles for a healthy dinner), but it puts us in control of making sure our kids’ meals are wholesome and fresh. It's also a money-saving tip, because who wants to spend a bundle on take-out? Whether you spend Sunday afternoon making baby food purees for your tiniest tots, or preparing a comforting chili recipe to be reheated later, the advance effort will go a long way. Plus, the sooner dinner is done, the sooner you can put up your tired feet and relax. And isn’t that exactly what we look forward to all day?

By Gaia Guidi Filippi

Barely making it home in time for dinner? We’ve got you covered. Click through our slideshow for some easy weeknight recipes the kids will love.

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