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Miss the Holidays Already? 5 Tips for Getting Out of the Post-Holiday Slumps

Jan 01, 2014

Miss the Holidays Already? 5 Tips for Getting Out of the Post-Holiday Slumps

It can be a struggle to embrace a happy and healthy new year when a sense of melancholy hangs over the weeks immediately following the holiday season. The sudden return to work, lingering family dramas, and financial worries can provoke a mild depression that threatens your resolve to make this the best year yet. Don't begin 2014 in a slump--we’ve outlined a few tips to prevent the post-holiday blues from settling in.

1. Socialize: Sure, it might be frigid out right now, but don’t let that stop you from getting together with your friends. Fill your calendar with coffee dates, dinners, and museum-outings. Socializing staves off depressive feelings and swapping funny holiday stories will help you relive the memories and carry some holiday cheer into January.

2. Play with your giftsIt’s easy for gifts to remain unopened in your luggage but if a relative thought you’d enjoy it then take the time to find out. Make delicious chili in your new crockpot, wear that new blazer your aunt got you (and is actually pretty cute), and, of course, use those gift cards to buy something you really want without the buyer’s remorse.

3. Plan mini-vacations: Simply planning a vacation has a positive affect that can’t be overlooked. Daydreaming about the hotel, the pool, and the food results in euphoric “pre-trip happiness.” Fortunately, getting away doesn’t have to be an expensive or lavish affair. You’ll still get the boost in happiness from anticipating short weekend trips.

4. Make a new friend at workGoing back to work is less stressful when there’s a friendly face to greet you at the office. The Evolv Friendship Study conducted in 2013 observed that building genuine camaraderie with coworkers is important for maintaining happiness in the office. Jim Meyerle, Evolv’s cofounder, explains that close work friends “positively impact [your] opinion of [your] job and employer,” leading to increased productivity (and the perks that go along with a job well done).

5. Exercise and eat clean: It’s not the holidays without many a gluttonous meal. While it was nice to indulge for a few weeks, eating too much sugar can inflame feelings of depression and anxiety. Reclaim your self control and curb the blues by getting back to a healthy diet and regular exercise routine.

Still looking for tips on nipping those blues in the bud? Check out our slideshow above. 

By Carla Cain-Walther

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