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Breaking News! Parents Aren't Always Right

Mar 19, 2014

Breaking News! Parents Aren't Always Right

This article was originally published on Your Tango.

As parents, we often feel like we need to be right; that we need to have all of the correct answers and show our children that we know best. We have the expectation that when we're right, our children will certainly know it, and will definitely do what we want them to do...all because we are right, right? Ugh. What a tangled web we weave.

This parental need to be right comes into play particularly when we are trying to hold boundaries. For example, we might tell our child that he must put his bike away at night because it could rain and then the bike will rust. We feel this is a good line of reasoning, and we think we are right about it. 

But sometimes this backfires. The need to be right when attempting to hold boundaries with our kids has the following detrimental effects.

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By Leslie Ferris

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