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Become a Better Cook in 2014 With Online Cooking Classes

Dec 26, 2013

Become a Better Cook in 2014 With Online Cooking Classes

One year a friend of mine's New Year's resolution was to become more domestic. She bought practically all of the books in the cookbook aisle at the local bookstore, invested in all manner of Le Creuset cookware, purchased close to twenty spices from Penzey's and then never succeeded at making so much as a decent salad (or any other healthy dish, for that matter). For a lot of us, attempting to learn straight from a book just won't do. An online cooking class would have been more my friend's speed--and a perfect way to become a better cook.

If you can relate, get on board with an online program that'll teach you to master French sauces or just to find your basic way around eggs. Eschew the commute and the annoying time requirement (not to mention the massive amount of money often) involved in taking an on-location culinary course and instead opt to learn how to be a better cook in front of your very own stove. America's Test Kitchen offers all manner of online sessions, including one titled "Hearty Grains." 

If you want to have a more general focus, you're sure to find an online program that suits you. We've done a bit of the leg work for you, but click on the links below for greater details and more information on which cooking school is right for you.

-Apart from "Hearty Grains" America's Test Kitchen's offers a slew of options, such as "Comfort Food Makeover"; see the dizzying array of choices here.

-Epicurious, one of our favorite foodie Web sites, also offers online cooking courses. If you made a new year's resolution to master sweets, consider enrolling in Desserts: Cookies and Bars.

-Top Chef University ought to be appealing to those with a strong desire to learn professional kitchen techniques. If you're not sure this is you, you can try it out for 24 hours before putting any money down.

-Le Cordon Bleu is another online program for the more serious cook. You can get a true culinary degree online and pursue a career in hospitality upon completion.

-Finally, ChefSteps is a wonderful online tool for the person who longs to be a better cook. It offers a range of topics such as "Science of Poutine," and "French Macaroons."

By Stacey Gawronski

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