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How to Keep Your Nanny Around for the Long Haul

Feb 27, 2014

How to Keep Your Nanny Around for the Long Haul

You've completed your nanny search, interviewed candidates, ran background checks, screened references, finished trials and made your decision on what candidate will be the perfect fit for your family. Let’s be honest, the entire process can be quite time and money consuming. Now that you have found your perfect match you will want to follow our six steps on how to keep your nanny around for the long-term.

Create an employee agreement: Draft up an employee agreement once your candidate accepts your employment offer. Be sure to include job responsibilities, hours and all expectations. Spell out everything, including terms such as liability, pay and overtime pay rate. Some families have their attorney review their agreements to ensure that no elements or laws are overlooked.

Offer benefits: If you noticed that your prospective employee is a great nanny; chances are other families would also feel the same. Be sure to offer your nanny the pay and benefits they deserve. Offering your nanny benefits will help them feel acknowledged and appreciated as a professional, which in return will keep them from looking for other prospective work.

Keep lines of communication open: Communication is key in keeping your nanny for the long run. Schedule weekly check-ins, if possible. If weekly or month check-ins are not possible, we strongly advise families to engage in a formal six month and annual reviews.

Maintain healthy boundaries: Sometimes boundaries can get blurred in the nanny-family relationship because of the environment. Work to maintain healthy boundaries with your nanny, and vice versa. If lines are crossed, address the concern as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

Seek out professional help: If issues do arise, seek professional help from someone who is well versed in the unique industry, such as an agency or consultant, like The Nanny Doctor.  While family and friends often mean well, their opinions may not be completely biased.

Give acknowledgment where acknowledgement is due: Last but certainly not least, remember to say “thank you” to your nanny. These two little words will go a long way in helping you keep your nanny with your family long term.

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By Dr. Lindsay Heller, Psy. D. 

Dr. Heller is a mother of two sweet girls. When she’s not playing “tea party,” she’s a professional nanny consultant known as The Nanny Doctor. She blogs, tweets, and Facebooks endless nanny wisdom. Check her out here at or on Twitter @thenannydoctor.

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