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My Mother’s Daughter: Jayne Mansfield and Mariska Hargitay

May 23, 2012

My Mother’s Daughter: Jayne Mansfield and Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay has been the star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for over a decade (and counting), but her days in the spotlight date back to her birth. She is, after all, the daughter of former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay and actress and playmate Jayne Mansfield. These days, she’s a mother of three and a passionate philanthropist—having created the Joyful Heart Foundation in 2004. The foundation takes a holistic approach to healing victims of domestic violence, and child and sexual abuse— issues with which she has become increasingly familiar during her tenure as Detective Olivia Benson.

Mariska likely takes her knack for multi-tasking from her mom. Mansfield, who shared the “blonde bombshell” title with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Jean Harlow, tended to her family life (with five children!) and her public image until her death in 1967. Mariska was only three at the time. 

"I think that she was a woman who was way before her time, because I don't know how somebody can have five children and yet still be a sex symbol!” Hargitay said to NBC. “She was just amazing." –Laura Carroll  

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Submitted by blitherer on

She looked hot in 'Ghoulies'.

Submitted by GeorgeC on

A beautiful woman and a talented actress. Always enjoy seeing her.

Submitted by robert mryer on

i would not watch nbc if they paid me1

Submitted by Outofkash on

1. They won't and 2. They won't lose sleep over it.

Submitted by Your NameC. Ward on

CommentI remember your Mom and your
Dad. My Mother took me to the movies when I was a little girl. I thought your Mom was beautiful and I do remember her death. It's too bad. I am sure she would be very proud of you. I was a victim of domestic abuse. Keep up the good work, both at home and at work

Submitted by Thom on

Mariska is a world class beauty herself.

Submitted by susan holmes on

she was not a dumb blonde, that was why she was sexy. It was in her face and she knew how to dress and act to create the sexy vibe. I thought she was beautiful

Submitted by Linda Connolly on

I think I remember reading that Jayne Mansfield had a PhD in Philosophy....not a dumb blonde by any means, but it was a marketable talent and she used it.

Submitted by JB in NC on

Mariska always looks hot. She would look hot if she was dressed in a barrel

Submitted by Louis Earthman Jr on

you are just as beautiful as your mother was and much kudos to your success on all your years of Law and Order i couldn't picture anyone else playing the part than you..I'd also like to add i'm sorry you lost your mother at such a young age but i'm sure you know shes smiling down from heaven at you and your success as an Actress, Mother and activist you know everytime i see close-ups of you I see your mother jayne Mansfield I know shes very proud of you..

Submitted by Your Name on

Such a stunning woman, and now stunning daughter. I'm glad Mariska has been a class actor during her amazing career. Kudos also to her philanthropic efforts as well.

Submitted by Trish on

She is the reason I watch L&O. She is such a talented actress. And I think her beauty radiates from with in. Keep up the good work, on the air, as well as the good things you are doing for Joyful Hearts. God bless you, and yours.

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