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King of the Cupcake

Feb 05, 2013

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Supplies Needed: cupcakes, rings, string, and a plastic trinket. I bought mine here.

Tie the baby to the ring.

Press the baby into the cupcake until it's hidden.

Who will be the lucky winner? 

King of the Cupcake

Mardi Gras is just a few days before Valentine's Day, which means I have another excuse to celebrate this month! This year, the party starts on Tuesday, February 12th. Besides masks, beads, and jazz music, every Mardi Gras event needs a King Cake. Traditionally, a King Cake is an oval brioche cake covered with purple, green, and gold frosting. Inside each cake is a small trinket, usually a tiny plastic baby representing Jesus. The lucky person to “get the baby” in their piece of cake is titled King or Queen of the party!

To make this tradition kid-friendly, I attached the baby to a string, tied it to a ring, and pushed the baby and then the ring into a cupcake. Then, I took several other cupcakes, and only placed the ring. After getting a cupcake, each child pulls out the ring—and one lucky child gets the baby and is the King or Queen.

This activity is quick and easy, especially if you buy the cupcakes from a bakery. I picked up some from Eleni’s New York. Their cupcakes have a huge mound of frosting that stayed in place when I pushed the toys into the cake. I was thrilled with the results. Check out the slideshow for a photo tutorial. —Sharon Beesley

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