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Management Tips for the Moms Who Need it the Most

Jan 06, 2014

Management Tips for the Moms Who Need it the Most

Although, we think moms are superhuman even the toughest ones need a little help here and there. Stay on top of your resolution to keep organized this year by incorporating some of these management tips into your daily schedule:

Plan Your Day Before the Kids Wake Up.
There’s nothing more beautiful than the sound of sleeping children. It’s so soothing that it might put you back to sleep but resist the urge for more shuteye and get up a half hour earlier than your little ones to plan your day. The peace and quiet will help you focus, and since you’re not being bombarded by the wants of your kids (we know it’s easy to let their demands overwhelm yours), you can really pay attention to yourself and what YOU want to accomplish that day. 

Keep an Updated Filing System.
Never search through piles of paper for your son’s social security card again! Organize every important document pertaining to each person in your household (this includes yourself and your spouse) into respective folders with easy-to-read labels. Filing items like tax information, dental x-rays, and birth certificates makes them harder to lose.

Pack the Night Before.
Maximize the time you spend with your kids in the morning by packing their school essentials and your workbag the night before. If you’re not running around finding everyone’s things then you can play board games, learn some new iPad games, and spend some genuine quality time together in the morning. 

Each Kid Gets a Cubby.
On a rainy Saturday when deep cleaning the house and organizing leftovers are the best ways to pass the time, ask your little ones to point out what five to ten toys and board games they play with the most. Then group those items into a cubby assigned to each kid. Imagine the mess you’ll avoid when those beloved toys are always easy to find and not packed under mountains of dress-up clothes and Skylanders parts. 

Give Age-Appropriate Chores.
Teach your kids responsibility and cut out a few menial tasks from your day. Have your 9-year-old unload the dishwasher, your 6-year-old sort the dirty laundry, or your 3-year-old tidy up the playroom. Kids enjoy being helpful so don’t be concerned that you’re being too strict! They might even ask for more responsibilities in the future. 

Let Kids Play By Themselves.
Kids need room for their imaginations to flourish and as they get older, they don’t necessarily require or want close adult supervision. If you just need twenty minutes to finish up that work memo, set up your kid in their play space and then move to a room nearby so you can still hear them as you work.   

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By Carla Cain-Walther

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