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A Madonna-Approved Burrito Recipe That's Out of This World

Nov 06, 2013

A Madonna-Approved Burrito Recipe That's Out of This World

Love her or hate her, there's one thing we can all agree on when it comes to Madonna: She looks damn good for 55. Lucky for us, the Material Girl's "secret" isn't really a secret at all. Along with an aggressive fitness regime that would blow a twentysomething's mind, she's a strict macrobiotic devotee like her best gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow. In a nutshell, that just means she steers clear of wheat, eggs, fatty meat, dairy, caffeine, chocolate, hot spices, and white sugar. (So, basically everything normal people eat on a daily basis.)

"When you cut out animal products, white sugar and coffee for ten days, you start to feel the difference," the singer told the Vancouver Sun. "When I first began this diet, I remember how my head became clearer, I woke up earlier and felt so fresh in the morning that I didn’t want to stay in bed."

To help Madge stay on track, she recruited a personal chef, Mayumi Nishimura, who concocts hearty dishes that don't taste like boring diet food. Thankfully, the easy-to-make recipes can be replicated at home without the help of a pro. Just attempt Madonna's favorite macro burrito below and you'll know what we mean. Not only is it super tasty, but it's just 220 calories per serving. (To give you a comparison, most burritos hover between 400 and 650 calories.) We may not be convinced about that whole no-chocolate thing, but we're definitely willing to give a burrito a fair shot.

Madonna's Favorite Burrito
1/2 cup cooked green lentils
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1/2 cup carrot, cut into matchsticks
8 cooked green beans
Pinch of sea salt
2 tortillas
1/4 cup tofu mayonnaise (such as Vegenaise)
1 cup mixed salad greens, loosely packed
1/4 cup naturally fermented store-bought sauerkraut
1/2 avocado, sliced

For the full recipe, click over to And for more of Madonna's favorite meals, check out Mayumi's Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul.

By Maria Denardo

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