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Kids App of the Week: Endless Alphabet

Aug 01, 2013

Kids App of the Week: Endless Alphabet

Whenever possible, children's technology should sneak in some education. Don't get me wrong. I love mindless games like Candy Crush and Doodle Jump as much as the next iPhone addict, but kids require a bit more substance from their smartphone apps.

Cue Endless Alphabet. This spelling program from Calloway Digital Arts features a motley crew of monsters, each with his own language lesson. Kids learning their ABC's will love sounding out letters with the team of creepy crawlers, and older users can benefit from the program's clever animated vocab lessons. 

Your tot will be using words like "quarrel" and "gargantuan" in everyday conversation in no time! And since the alphabet is "endless," check back regularly for new content. Just connect to the internet, and the app will automatically update with new words and animations. 

The best part is, there aren't any time limits, high scores, failures, or stresses so your little one can feel free to learn at his or her own pace.  

Download Endless Alphabet from for $3.99, and be sure to click through the slideshow above for even more apps for kids

By Caroline Hallemann

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