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20 Inspirational Quotes For Children That Overcome The Cheese Factor

Oct 03, 2013

20 Inspirational Quotes For Children That Overcome The Cheese Factor

Growing up, my friend Lara kept a plaque above her bed that read, “Some days you just feel like a princess.” When I was younger and we’d have sleepovers, I’d open my eyes to that message staring back at me and, while the sentiment was a little corny to say the least, I’m not going to lie—it was a nice feeling, waking up to a positive affirmation.

We’re all for surrounding our kiddos with good energy and motivation, as well as cramming in all the life lessons and imparting all the wisdom we can while they’re still under our roofs. As Alvin Price once said, “Parents need to fill a child's bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can't poke enough holes to drain it dry.” One way to start is by exposing your children to these inspirational quotes that are more sage than they are cheesy.

Click through the slideshow above with your kids and talk about the meaning behind each phrase. If there’s one they really love, we recommend using one of these cool wall art DIYs or decals to somehow incorporate the message into their room décor. Nothing like a little positive energy first thing every morning to fill up that self-esteem bucket and encourage them to carpe diem.

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By Cordelia Tai

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