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Improve Posture with One Simple Move

Oct 21, 2013

Improve Posture with One Simple Move

We all know how important good posture is. In fact, most of us can still hear our mother’s voice reminding us to sit up straight. (She was right, of course.) If you're still slouching, we've got a quick tip on how to improve your posture with one simple move, using an exercise band. 

Wrap your hands around an exercise band twice to give yourself more resistance. The more you wrap, the more challenging it becomes. Stand with your knees in a slight bend and arms straight out in front of your shoulders. Keep your shoulders down and away from your ears.  With straight arms open the band as wide as your arms will let you then close. Your goal should be to "pinch" your shoulder blades together and hold for 2 seconds. Repeat. After 30 seconds hold the band out and pulse 15 times.

This simple exercise will build your upper back and scapular muscles. Improving your upper back strength is important for all of us who sit for long periods or tend to hunch forward during the day. The band scapular squeeze will counteract all the slouching you do at your desk and will open up your chest and help you be more upright. 

Your mother would be so pleased.

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By Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer of Shred415

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