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3 Reasons to Reconsider Your Bedding

Nov 27, 2013

3 Reasons to Reconsider Your Bedding

Hypoallergenic bedding is critical for a number of reasons. Most parents focus only on decorating the kids' rooms and forget the most important location--especially with a new baby--is the master bedroom for the first few weeks. 

Whether in a co-sleeper or bassinet next to the bed, remember that mommy is typically wearing a nightgown for the first few days and nursing and napping with baby. You want to make sure that the environment is hypoallergenic and healthy for mother and child. Remember that everything that you ingest goes to baby, and with their sensitive skin, everything they touch must be soft and lint-free. We also recommend linen swaddles and sleep sacks by Aden + Anais, which are comforting for your baby and maintain body temperature without overheating. (Fun fact: The Royal Baby owns swaddling blankets from Aden + Anais.)

There's also the possibility of co-sleeping. Two weeks ago, I had a brunch with an expectant couple and we discussed eco-healthy bedding for the baby nursery and the master bedroom. She recognized that the baby will sometimes co-sleep with parents, and she wants her sheets to be hypoallergenic. The next day, she gave birth to her new baby--a few weeks premature and in a delicate condition. We sent a care package of our bedding for the master bedroom, which is lint-free, soft to the touch and safe for those with allergies and asthma due to the double-barrier protection on pillows and mattress pads.

By Robin Wilson, founder of Robin Wilson Home 

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