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6 Tips on How to Have Good Sex After You've Had Kids

Sep 04, 2013

6 Tips on How to Have Good Sex After You've Had Kids

Is there sex after kids? The answer is yes. Sex still happens, but let’s face it: It rarely "just happens." So although the before-kids-spontaneity may become a thing of the past, you still can have a sex life...if you try. Like everything else these days, it just takes work and creativity. Here’s some down and dirty inspiration from mothers-about-town (who shall remain anonymous) on how to have good sex once kids and the minutia of the daily grind have taken over:

“We find that a great window for sex is when my teen gets in the shower at night. Yup, your kid’s long hot shower can translate into your hot quickie.”

“My husband and I recently wandered away from a large outdoor family party to take a walk into the woods. I hiked up my maxi dress and we had sex on a foot bridge! My kid was playing with cousins and didn’t even notice we had disappeared.”

“My husband loves it when I dress up so I’ve been putting on heels and a skirt for the dinnertime routine. Once the kids are in bed there’s no stopping us…!”

“I let my school-age kids invite some friends over for a movie night. Once they’re in front of the TV with ample snacks, my husband and I disappear into the bedroom with some wine…”

“We frequently take showers together to ‘conserve water’.”

“I have two words for you: Sleepaway camp!”

Do you have any tips to share? How are you and your partner keeping things going in the bedroom now that little ones rule the roost?

Want more? Check out Dr. Laura Berman talking about keeping the passion alive after marriage in the video below!

By Dana Linett-Silber

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