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The Only Fitness Equipment You Need for Your At-Home Gym

Feb 04, 2014

The Only Fitness Equipment You Need for Your At-Home Gym

When we asked fitness expert and gym owner, Rose Ann Serpico, what exercise equipment is necessary for a legit workout at home, she shook her head and said, "You don't need anything but your own body." Our skeptical look must've given her pause, because Serpico relented (a little): "OK, a kettlebell."

We'd recently heard the virtues of the mighty workout tool sung by Crossfit gym owner, David Rice, as well. Apparently, it is a small piece of equipment that can accomplish big things. 

While we understood what Serpico was saying, we are also aware that a lot of women--ourselves included--won't do squat (let alone a series of squat repetitions!) unless there's some incentive or tangible motivation. Without a yoga mat and blocks, we're not likely to get through a DVD session in our living rooms.

So although we came to the conclusion that if a person is truly motivated enough, bodily resistance training will get the shape-up job done, we agreed that for the average woman attempting to get her fitness jamming at home, a few items are totally key.

The slideshow above features eight such pieces of home fitness equipment, all of which you can stash in a closet or a corner and bring out when you're ready to get moving.

Note that unless you are a devoted treadmill runner or committed stairmaster climber, big ticket exercise items like these are absolutely not necessary and will mostly serve to take up precious space. 

By Stacey Gawronski

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