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A Hip Homemade Holiday

Nov 12, 2012

A Hip Homemade Holiday

A Hip Homemade Holiday, by bloggers Susan Peterson and Alison Faulkner, is an ebook bursting with ideas (over 150 pages!) to personalize your gifts this holiday season. For only $10, you’ll receive 18 craft projects and over 100 printable gift tags, stickers, stencils, labels, and patterns. New to crafting? Alison and Susan have included 9 instructional videos for added help. Simply download the book and be inspired to create personalized gifts for the people you love. —Sharon Beesley 

How did the idea to write a book with Alison get started? 

Alison and I have been cooking up collaboration ideas for awhile and the book was the idea that stuck and clicked. We had one late night planning session and the project snowballed from there.  

We love your Nutcracker Bowling League Pins! What's one of the projects you love from the book?  

Thank you! I love all of our Gift for Gents. We felt really strongly that our 'guy gifts' not fall into a cliche. It's really easy when thinking up gifts for your dad or brother to just make them a frame or cuff links or a wallet! We wanted something a little different and I love what we ended up with. I'm also really in love with our Fancy Fringe Keychain.

Any memorable moments during the book-writing process?

We were so lucky to collaborate with such talented people with this book; my favorite day was when we shot all of the images with our stylist, Cayleen Haynie, and our photographer, Heather Zweig. All of the sudden, the project felt real and like everything was coming together.

We can only imagine the time crunch you must have been on to get this book out before Christmas. You started this project 6 months ago! Tell us about any unexpected hurdles you experienced while making the book.

We ended up switching designers mid-project. We absolutely love both designers that we worked with, but it was a little stressful to find a new designer and get him up to speed. Luckily, we landed with Matt and he did such a great job on the book and the website.

We noticed there is a No.1 label on the front of the book. Can we expect to see more Hip Holiday Guides in the future? 

Yes! We're already planning our next couple of books. 

You always seem to be working on a project. Whether it's writing a blog, or selling amazing leather moccasins or, now, this book. What's your next big project? 

Hopefully a nap!