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What to Expect From Your Hair During Pregnancy & How To Care For It

Mar 11, 2014

What to Expect From Your Hair During Pregnancy & How To Care For It

Our hair needs special care during pregnancy. Whether you are experiencing positive changes or encountering challenges with your strands, there are steps to take towards maintaining your locks through this time. Here, some beauty tips and expectations to help prepare others for this journey.
1. Embrace your new look. Most women experience better hair days during pregnancy. The increased levels of estrogen can make your hair feel thicker and fuller, and in some cases, can change your hair texture. Enjoy it, as your newfound lavish locks will likely return to normal after childbirth.
2. Prepare to increase your visits to the salon. Your hair will also begin to grow faster. This new quick growing hair means more frequent visit to your stylist (especially if you want to keep those locks healthy and strong!).

3. Don’t stress hair loss. Your hair growth pattern will return to normal roughly 12 weeks after giving birth. Many women notice frequent shedding and hair loss usually around the hairline. Stay on your prenatal vitamins or take a hair supplement like Viviscal for faster, fuller growth. Be patient and most of the time your hair will grow back and feel normal again in no time.

4. Experiment with your new texture. Hair often becomes thicker, wavier or curlier, which can be overwhelming and make it difficult to style. Experiment with styling products and tools until you find one that gives you results that you love. Work on your blowdrying technique and try new treatments and creams. 

5. Change your washing routine. Hair can become more oily or dry, depending on genetics and beauty habits. Some women might notice extra oil buildup at the roots which is caused by a hormone called androgens, while other women will experience rough, dehydrated hair cuticles. Using the right shampoo and conditioner to target your problem is key.  
Show off that beautiful mane with one of these gorgeous updo styles in the slideshow above.

By Kattia Solano

Kattia Solano is a New York City expert stylist and founder of Butterfly Studio Salon.

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