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Goodnight iPad

Jan 26, 2012

Goodnight iPad

Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight… iPad? Ann Droyd’s Goodnight iPad, a parody of Margaret Wise Brown’s beloved classic, Goodnight Moon, is making a splash with its satirical look at society’s reliance on gadgets. A Blue Rider Press publication, Goodnight iPad is poised to be a “parody for the next generation.”

Despite its grownup slant, the story is undoubtedly kid-friendly, and filled with subtle homages to the definitive bedtime story. Little rabbits bid sweet dreams to, “… remotes, and Netflix streams, Androids, apps, and glowing screens,” along with other gizmos: BlackBerrys and high-def TVs among them. And while digital-era-born kids might not understand the irony, mothers absolutely will. —Cat Buckley