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Getting Ready For Spring

Nov 18, 2012

Bulbs Vs. Seeds:  Bulbs produce flowers quickly and are basically foolproof, while seeds can take up to 2 years to bloom! This makes bulbs the perfect choice for gardening with kids. There’s a few things, however, that kids should learn before heading out to the garden. 

First, kids should know the difference between the top and bottom of the bulbs. Pictured is the top.

This is the bottom of the bulb. Make sure not to confuse the two when putting it in the ground. You don’t want to have tulips growing upside down!

The next step is to teach children how far to dig the hole. The garden teacher we worked with told the children four inches deep, but the distance depends on your particular bulb. Buying these transporting trowels, which come with measuring marks, makes it easy for kids know how deep to dig.

The last steps are simple: cover the bulbs back up with soil, water them, and wait for spring! 

Getting Ready For Spring

Last week I joined students on Manhattan's Upper West Side in planting over 300 tulip bulbs into their school garden. Despite the cold weather and the monumental challenge of planting so many bulbs, the kids had an amazing time. Now is the time to recreate this beautiful activity at home. So buy a set of bulbs, (this is a nice set), head out to the garden (before it gets too cold!), and wait for spring. In a few months, your kids will be excited to see the results of their hard work! —Sharon Beesley

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