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Kiwi Crate Valentine's Day Kit

Jan 17, 2013

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It was super easy to make this project. The kids started by folding all of the cards. The pre-cut paper and perforated fold lines simplified this step.

Then they chose their favorite Valentine’s punch-outs. The kit came with a mix of 36 robots, cars, bugs, bears, hearts, rocket ships, and flowers. My kids had so much fun picking out different ones for different friends.

Lots of ways to decorate! The kids took this part really seriously. I loved watching them concentrate on each card. 

The pop-up feature made these Valentine's special. I helped my kids with this part to moves things along.

Also included were markers, gems, and wiggly eyes to put finishing touches on their Valentine's. We made enough cards for my daughter’s entire second grade class! We plan on using the leftover supplies for future craft activities. 

Kiwi Crate Valentine's Day Kit

Valentine’s Day might seem far away, but before you know it, you’re going to be caught playing holiday catch up on February 13. So, I decided to get started now and was stoked to test out Kiwi Crate’s Valentine’s kit with my kids. Each package comes with 24 pop-up cards, various punch-outs, a glue stick, markers, wiggly eyes, jewels, and two blank cards—all the supplies you need to make 24 adorable pop-up Valentine’s cards. Click through the slideshow above to see my kids making their cards—we’re ready to celebrate! 

Also, for more crafty ideas, Kiwi Crate has all kinds of activity boxes for only $20 a month.  —Sharon Beesley