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16 Fabulous Tricks for Decorating Small Spaces

Sep 04, 2013

16 Fabulous Tricks for Decorating Small Spaces

Home décor that allows you to feel at ease in your personal space is always important, especially if there isn’t much home to décor in the first place. If you live in a metropolitan city like New York, Los Angeles, or London, the trade up for close proximity to breathtaking cultural destinations and the best in nouvelle and traditional ethnic cuisine is often even closer quarters. However, just because the competitive market for affordable housing necessitates certain compromises when it comes to square footage, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice personal style when decorating small spaces.

Rather than resigning yourself to living in a home so claustrophobic your morning commute feels roomy by comparison, or—dare we even say it—moving out to the burbs, get proactive and make the most of your small space with these great interior design tips for opening up a room and giving it a little flair.

As always, we posed our decorating issue to our favorite interior design guru, founder of Brooklyn based interior design store Items of Interest, Susie Kurkowski. From paint techniques to lighting fixtures to furniture guidelines, click through the slideshow above to learn Kurkowski's top ten go-to design tricks for small spaces.

By Cordelia Tai

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