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Crossfit Exercises For Home Are the Way to a Body Like Jessica Biel's

Dec 04, 2013

Crossfit Exercises For Home Are the Way to a Body Like Jessica Biel's

Jessica Biel does it. So do Channing Tatum, Tim McGraw, Cameron Diaz and Kelly Clarkson. Crossfit is the IT workout of the moment--and not just among a slew of hot celebrities. For people looking to get a high-intensity, sweat-dripping, all-over body workout, Crossfit exercises are the way to go.

Dave Rice, the owner of a Crossfit gym in Buffalo, NY, had some tips for doing the CF routine at home. We pressed him for details on which specific  exercises we could do at home without the bother of visiting a Crossfit location, which, by the way, are cropping up so fast that we guarantee there's a local gym near you.

While Rice was happy to divulge a few crucial exercises for the gym homebody, he did start out by explaining that even if you don't intend to use the CF's facilities regularly, it is important to check out a center and speak with an educated trainer before you begin your Crossfit routine at home. A few sessions at a CF gym will help you to prevent injury going forward, teaching you the right way to do the exercises for the best results, and enabling you to understand your limitations. 

Once you have a Crossfit base, your next stop is setting up your home gym. Truth is, you can get away without buying any equipment, but your workouts will be enhanced if you invest in a few key items: dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball, and a jumping rope. Stylish workout outfits will likely be a good motivator too--even if you are pumping iron in your own living room.

Along with the exercises shown in the slideshow above and the video below, there's also a before and after that you need to consider. Rice is big on warming-up (before) and stretching (after). "There's a saying," Rice explained, "the better the warm-up, the better the workout."

By Stacey Gawronski

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