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Creative Gift Card Ideas For The Folks Who Like to Shop For Themselves

Dec 03, 2013

Creative Gift Card Ideas For The Folks Who Like to Shop For Themselves

My dad is the single most difficult person in the world to shop for, and yet the easiest, because at this point we’ve resigned ourselves to gift cards. For years we tried to get creative and think outside the box. He’s really into soccer…maybe an authentic Brazil jersey? (He never wore it.) Half his time is spent watching movies…maybe a yearly pass to an independent film house? (Nope, he’s already a card-carrying member of the Film Forum, Angelika Film Center, Museum of the Movie Image, Film Society of Lincoln Center, thanks to—you guessed it—himself.)

His shelves are filled with pristine books he hasn’t read yet, so literature’s useless. He’s in the music industry and owns an insane amount of CDs and vinyls. My mom once tried to get him a set of headphones, so he could listen at any time of day without disturbing the neighbors. But apparently inside your head is not how nature intended music to be heard. I thought about replacing his ancient three-foot speakers, but he’d definitely want a say in that, so no dice. Trust me, I could go on, but I’ll spare you the rest and leave you with this: Over the years, I’ve become very creative when it comes to picking out gift cards (some of which, I have a feeling, are still nestled next to his Film Forum membership).

Everyone’s got that special someone in his or her family who really just appreciates a certificate more than anything money could buy. Click through the slideshow above for 11 creative gift card ideas that’ll add a personal touch to that piece of plastic. 

By Cordelia Tai

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